Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Hi, my name is Jadesola, also known as The4cVoice. I was always the girl with a relaxer in my hair – every 6 to 8 weeks to be exact. I couldn’t manage or maintain even my roots and just thought of my hair as thick, unruly, and tough (word to Lil Wayne). It was two bad reactions to relaxers that pretty much forced me natural. Putting a product in my hair that could just up and take my edges and hair at any time didn’t sit right with me, you know. I grew my hair out for months and then big chopped in the summer of 2017. It was definitely a shock to those around me. Coming from a Nigerian background, they didn’t understand why I would cut a “full” head of hair. Unkempt was used to describe my hair too many times to count. 


It’s funny because you think that cutting your hair off is the end all be all and then boom, you’re natural. Yes, this is true but, that is where the real work begins. I knew nothing about my hair or how to nurture it, and didn’t know anyone around me who knew how to either. That’s where The4cVoice stemmed from. I wanted to be for others what I had been searching for. A new natural head looking for the tips and practices to make my crown grow. I began seeing natural gurus with long beautiful kinky manes. Their progress let me know that it was possible for my hair to grow past shoulder length. Over the years, I have learned how to care for my hair and continue to learn more each day. I have surely stumbled along the way and have wanted to give up but am happy I haven’t. I am now able to grow and share my journey with you!


The4cVoice is a place for naturals to learn to care for their hair and features. You will be able to read up on relevant hair topics and learn hair practices that will promote hair growth. The4cVoice will also point you in the direction of stylists that will take care of and nurture your hair the way you would. I am still on this journey and would love for you to join me. Think of The4cVoice as Your Voice of Hair as we tread on this journey together.