How to Take Down your Mini Twists

A year ago I tried mini twists on my hair for the first time. I loved the versatility of the style, how easy it was to take care of my hair while having them in and how low maintenance they were. The best of all worlds, for protective styles anyway. I left them in for about 5 weeks. My new growth was busting out the seams and I was so excited to see my new length!

Several hours later, I sat with a ball of my hair in my hands. I didn’t know where I went wrong and why I had lost so much hair at the hands of this “protective style”. I had a nicely shaped afro after taking down the twists, which I left and rocked for about a week. On wash day, I was left with another ball of hair in my hands. The whole experience was a mess. Needless to say, I would be taking a break from mini twists.

A year later, I sit with new found knowledge on how to take care of my hair in need of a protective style. I opt for mini twists. Four weeks later, all is going well and I am ready to take them down.

Watch this YouTube video to see how you can take down your mini twists while experiencing little to no shedding!

I was able to achieve minimal shedding after one month with my mini twists! I credit not only my take down method but also the attention I gave my hair. I kept my hair moisturized at all times – moisturizing twice a week or whenever I noticed my hair felt dry. The moisture put my hair in the best conditions to thrive and I couldn’t be happier! Mini Twists have become my go to protective style.

Watch this Video to see how I moisturize my hair while in mini twists (and when my hair is loose)!

How do you care for your hair while in protective styles? How do you make sure you keep your length when you are taking down your protective styles? Comment below!