Let Us Clarify

Hi Guys, welcome back! This week we will discuss clarifying.

I’ve had my box braids in for over a month and decided to take them out this past week. I applied my Aloe Vera pre-poo to kick off my wash day. After allowing the Aloe to work its magic overnight, I noticed my hair wasn’t hydrating and plumping up as it usually would. My hair was in need of a deep cleanse and revival. I decided to clarify my hair to get it back on track.

Clarifying is a way to remove excess product buildup, presenting your hair with a “clean slate”. If you notice your hair isn’t responding to moisturizers, creams, and other products the way it once did, it may be time to clarify. Think of it this way…our hair needs to absorb products in order for them to work. If we have layers of product residue gunked on top of our hair, the products can’t penetrate. Clarifying rids our hair of this buildup and residue allowing our hair to absorb our beloved products. It’s great to incorporate clarifying into your hair routine to liven things up! There are many clarifying shampoos and rinses out there that can get the job done. One alternative that works wonders for natural hair is clay. I’ve read about the great effects of Bentonite Clay and decided to give it a try.

Bentonite Clay is a natural ingredient sourced from volcanic ash used in various ways for detoxifying. It produces an extreme negative charge when hydrated. This allows it to attract positive charges in toxins/products and draw them out. This can be in toxins within the body, dirt and makeup on our face, and in products that may build up on the hair and scalp.

Here’s how I made my Bentonite Clay Mask


  1. Using a plastic bowl and spoon, mix Bentonite Clay and Apple Cider Vinegar until it reaches a yogurt-like consistency. Adjust volumes of clay and ACV so that it is enough for your hair. Be sure not to use metal as it will cause clay to activate prematurely.

  2. Add in oils to prevent your hair from drying out. I used 1tbsp Olive Oil and my Ayurvedic Herb Oil mixture.

  3. Work on damp, sectioned, detangled hair! I rinsed out my Aloe Vera pre-poo immediately before applying clay mixture and sprayed water on my hair when needed. It will be very difficult to wash out if you work on dry hair!

  4. Make sure your hair is detangled- the clay hardens very quickly. You won’t be able to detangle your hair once the clay is in.

  5. Coat hair with clay mixture from roots to tips, make sure to include your scalp to ensure it gets cleaned as well.

  6. Apply clay to entire head and allow to sit for 30 minutes.

  7. Rinse out with warm water.

  8. Follow up with your favorite deep conditioner.

  9. Moisturize hair using LCO or LOC method and style!

Photos of my hair with the Clay-ACV mixture in and immediately after washing it out. I began running out of clay on the second half of my head.

These were my results from the Bentonite-ACV mask. Let me just say, all the reviews and raves I’ve seen about this are true! This is the softest my hair has ever felt. My hair and scalp felt clean and moisturized at the same time. I even began to see some definition in my coils. I followed up with my favorite conditioner and was ready to style my hair!

A Couple Things…

  • I used the clay mask to clarify my hair this week. It can also be used as a deep conditioner/hair mask.

  • I recommend starting with enough of the mixture for your entire head so you don’t have to stop midway to make more like I did. I ended up using about 1 cup of the clay

  • The clay mixture can cause damage to metal drains. Allow water run through the drain for a while after washing out your hair

I am very pleased with how this Bentonite-ACV clarifying mask worked out for me. How do you clarify your hair? Have you used this clay mask before? Comment below and let us know if you follow this recipe and how it worked for you!

Stay healthy and safe, see you next Sunday!