Pre-poo your hair with Aloe Vera

Earlier on in my natural hair journey, I was on YouTube looking to the Natural Hair OGs for tips and products to try. I stumbled across Naptural85’s YouTube video where she explained the benefits of using Aloe Vera as a pre-poo. I didn’t even know what a pre-poo was at the time, but after watching her video I was ready to purchase an Aloe leaf and try it out.

Aloe Vera is a spiky succulent plant grown in dry, warm and tropical climates in Africa, Asia, Southern Europe, and the southern and western parts of the United States. The gel and juice found inside of the plant has become a herbal remedy to treat everything from skin to digestive issues.

I like to think of Aloe Vera as an all purpose Power Plant. It’s an all natural plant used for everything! It is known for its healing properties in both the health and beauty industries. Aloe is particularly great for treatments of the scalp and hair. The gel not only offers a cooling sensation to the scalp but works to condition and alleviate scalp issues while providing moisture to the hair.

Its benefits include:

  • Promoting hair growth

  • Balancing the scalps pH

  • Helping hair retain water and moisture

  • Reducing dandruffI

  • Alleviating scalp itchiness and drying

  • Conditioning the scalp

  • Nourishing and strengthening hair

Shampooing is a very important step in the hair care regimen. Shampooing cleanses the scalp and hair of oils and dirt that accumulate over time. In the process of cleansing, shampoos tend to completely strip our hair of its natural oils leaving hair dry. This dryness is worse when using harsher shampoos that contain sulfates.

Pre-poo stands for pre-shampoo, literally the step you should incorporate before you shampoo your hair. A pre-poo infuses moisture into your hair before the washing process, and ensures that the hair’s natural oils are not completely stripped away by the shampoo. This step also aids in detangling. During the pre-poo, I focus the aloe vera on my scalp and on the ends of my hair. The aloe immediately relieves any scalp irritation I have been feeling and begins to melt away knots and tangles. I then massage an oil of my choice onto my hair (I typically use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, or my homemade Ayurvedic herb oil mixture). At this point, detangling is a breeze and I am able to section my hair in preparation for my wash day. This mixture stays on my hair under a plastic cap for at least an hour, and I typically just let the aloe and oil work on my hair overnight and shampoo the following morning.

Ingredients and Materials needed:

  1. Aloe Vera leaf

  2. Knife and spoon

  3. Blender

  4. Strainer- I use the cheap 99cents panty hose for the straining step but you can also use a cheesecloth or strainer

  5. Oil

  6. Spray bottle

How I apply the Aloe Vera to my hair

I didn’t know what I was missing in my wash days until I began pre-pooing my hair. Now, it’s honestly the most important part of my wash day. The aloe mixture leaves my hair super soft even after shampooing. It tremendously cuts down on detangling time – no more hours spent with your shoulders and arms hurting from trying to detangle your hair. It also leaves my hair moisturized and shiny.

What do you think about Pre-pooing with Aloe Vera? Will you try it? Let us know if this Aloe-Vera prepoo works for you below!

See you next Sunday!