Your Voice of Hair

Hey Guys! Woah, I started a blog. This is something I’ve wanted to do since I started my natural hair journey. After a bad reaction from a relaxer, I decided to put away the creamy crack for good. I transitioned for 6 months and big chopped in the middle of a party at my house. I went upstairs with my sister and asked her to cut my hair – I just couldn’t deal anymore. Many people didn’t understand why I cut my hair. I was determined to make them get it.

Fast forward three years, I have experienced a lot in the name of hair. I have learned many things too. I never really knew my hair texture from years of being relaxed. While getting retouches and braids, hairdressers always told me how thick my hair was. You know, hand hurting, breaking combs type thick. This definitely didn’t prepare me for the thickness of fully virgin hair. This same thickness has scared away so many stylists. Many people who did my hair while I was relaxed, weren’t willing to do my natural hair. And if they did agree, the prices were ridiculous. Often times I would find a new stylist and love love LOVE how they styled my hair. When I tried to reschedule, they would no longer answer my calls and texts. One time I even made an appointment with a stylist I had used previously from my sister’s phone number. She answered the phone this time. She definitely wasn’t pleased when it was me who showed up.

I made an appointment for the same style she had done for me before. And let me just say……it was trash. She made sure I wouldn’t come back.

Things continued like this through my hair journey. I searched for natural hair salons and stylists in my area. My searches turned up empty, showed people who weren’t so natural friendly or showed me people I had seen before. Frustrating doesn’t even begin to describe it all. I’ve become a proud student at YouTube University for sure. DIY ingredients fill my house, different hair products line my bathroom sink, you name it. It’s worked for me…to an extent (I swear, I can never get my twist outs how it looks on YouTube).  But, there are times I would like to see a professional. To relax, let them take care of my hair the same way I would, trim my ends, give me a protective style, and be. Something that seems so simple has been so hard to find. Because of this, I wanted to start my own hair directory, forum, and space for naturalistas like me.

Here we are! Think of The4cVoice as Your Voice of Hair. Together, we will grow on this journey towards healthy natural hair!

See you next Sunday!